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Geographically, Wheeling is within a dayís drive of 60 percent of the nationís population. Regional and national companies have taken advantage of this centralized location, along with access to the Interstate  Highways, the Ohio River and rail lines, to make Wheeling an ideal distribution point for their products and services.

We also enjoy an access advantage in telecommunications since Bell Atlantic installed digital switching in Wheeling and the Northern Panhandle, rendering us the first state in the country to be completely digital. The installation of fiber optic cable between switching stations has allowed West Virginia to take the national lead in telecommunication technology.

In short, our business environment has prompted several international companies to move their back office operations from congested, expensive areas to Wheeling.

Another asset for Wheeling is its abundance of schools and colleges which have formed working partnerships with area businesses. In this way, the educational institutions are able to offer programs and training that are called for by area employers.

One of the best examples is the co-operative venture between Wheeling Jesuit University and the National Technology Transfer Center and NASA Classroom of the Future. The NTTC provides private business and industry access to the wealth of data gathered by government research laboratories.

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